Smoke and Fire Damage can be a tough problem, and it’s not easy to clean.

Feiner Construction has all the tools and experience to remove smoke and fire damage – for good.  With our partner company Restoration Specialists of Southwest Wisconsin, we’ll move your furniture, clean the carpets and any damaged surfaces and even reconstruct damaged walls if needed. We provide a full service approach to restore your home or business to it’s pre-fire condition.

Water Damage? No problem.

We cover it all, start to finish, and you won’t need to worry about future damage or smells. We work with all insurance companies.

We can respond at any time. 24/7. Period.

Water damage is one of the most general problems that property owners experience. Water may come from heavy rains through a leak in your roof, flooding at ground level, faulty pipes, hot water heaters, washing machines, dishwashers or ice makers, to name a few.  Water damage may be a result from putting out a major fire.  If your water damage is not addressed immediately, the water damage becomes worse and therefore increases repair costs.

Feiner Construction extracts water and takes the course of action required for the drying process, avoiding contoured damage to the structure and contents. We work with your insurance company and the homeowner to obtain the best results possible responding to water emergencies 24/7/365 to avoid significant additional property damage such as mold, structural corrosion and health hazards.

Moisture Testing:

We test moisture levels before and after so nobody is left guessing.


We can extract even the deepest soak.


All gone. Every time.

Dry out:

Our fans will blow your mind. Pun intended.


We’ll take care of the lifting—before and after.


We’ll make sure to get rid of all the damage, even the things you can’t see.


Depending on the damage level, we can work with you and your insurance directly to completely reconstruct any area of your home.